Lauda Restaurant


Fine dining experience in the heart of Santorini, Oia; dating back to 1971.

The Restaurant

In the prelude to Santorini’s global acclaim, Oia exuded tranquility, its population a mere 306 souls nestled by the caldera’s edge. In 1971, amidst this picturesque backdrop, Lauda, Oia’s inaugural dining haven, emerged, steeped in tradition and adorned with the village’s sole communication link.
Today, Lauda Restaurant remains devoted to preserving the essence of its historic roots, inviting its valued guests to embark on a romantic voyage of breathtaking vistas and unparalleled flavors. Daily | 1.00–3.30pm, 6.30–10.30pm
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Emmanuel Renaut; the Chef and visionary behind Flocons de Sel, the renowned 3 Michelin Star restaurant, is a trailblazer in the culinary world. As a member of both the “Grands Chefs” Relais & Châteaux and the “Grandes Tables du Monde”, he represents a new breed of chefs who ingeniously reinvent local ingredients.

George Dospras; the Head Chef standing next to Emmanuel Renaut since 2015. Inspired by the breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, he has since infused Lauda with his signature blend of Greek culinary heritage and modern flair.

The Chef's Table

Our unique Chef’s Table with the high-back petrol chairs at Lauda Restaurant offers a memorable tasting journey. Should you wish to seal your Santorini journey with a signature Chef’s table dinner, please allow our dedicated team of experts to assist you and curate everything for an experience to be remembered for a lifetime.

Online Reservations

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